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A list of the PC’s biographies:
  • Rougyar ?? (human cleric of Ioun, from the Barony of Therund, in northern Nerath)
  • Gesh (dragonborn warlord, from the village of xxx)
  • Saule (eladrin rogue, from the city of Celduilon, in the Feywild)
  • Bael (tieflfing star pact warlock, origins unknown)
  • Daril River (hafling swordmage, from the City of Celduilon, in the Feywild)
  • Rufus the XXth (elf ranger, member of the Scarlet Wanderers)


A list of known places for the campaigns. Sublists:
  • Region: a large geographic area
  • Settlement: includes thorp, hamlet, city, etc.
  • Location: a place of importance that doesn’t fit the previous categories, such as dungeons, secret lairs, etc.




Main Page

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