Book 01 : The Cave of Songs


The heroes are on their way to the village of WinterHaven, in the Nentir Vale. Rougyar must deliver a letter to the sage Valthrun, while Daril, Rufus and Saule hope to find their missing mentor, Douven Staul.


  • Chapter 1 – The Queen of the Marsh : The heroes journey through forest and grassy plain. They come to the entrance of the Cave of Songs, where they are introduced to the Queen of the Marsh. She begs for their help in taking down the shaman. The heroes are not fooled and make an alliance with the shaman.
  • Chapter 2 – Blood and Songs : The heroes bring back a fake head (bloody long in a bag) and fight the Queen and her guards. She manages to escape, but the heroes shatter the crystals and free the marshmen from her charm.
  • Chapter 3coming soon



Book 01 : The Cave of Songs

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