The heroes are on their way to the village of WinterHaven, in the Nentir Vale. Rougyar must deliver a letter to the sage Valthrun, while Daril, Rufus and Saule hope to find their missing mentor, Douven Staul.


  • Chapter 1 – The Queen of the Marsh : The heroes journey through forest and grassy plain. They come to the entrance of the Cave of Songs, where they are introduced to the Queen of the Marsh. She begs for their help in taking down the shaman. The heroes are not fooled and make an alliance with the shaman.
  • Chapter 2 – Blood and Songs : The heroes bring back a fake head (bloody long in a bag) and fight the Queen and her guards. She manages to escape, but the heroes shatter the crystals and free the marshmen from her charm.
  • Chapter 3 – Halfway In: The heroes celebrate their victory with the marshmen, who offer their thanks and some of the treasures they have found in the marsh or in the Cave. They resume their travel through the great tunnel. About halfway in, they discover… the HalfWay Inn. They are greated with singing statues (who throw the occasional insults). They walk in and are attacked by a dozen shadowy figures (illusions). After the fight, everyone leaves in a hurry, except for Daril who decides to search the inn, now swarmed by illusiary patrons. Daril runs off with a few Arcane books and catches up with the others. A few hours later, Rufus notices a smear of blood leading into a rather webbed side-tunnel. And some feathers…. He discusses it with Saule, then they both turn back. At the end of the tunnel, the heroes had to battle swarms of spiders and their ettercap master. Amongst the spiders’ webbed “dinners”, they found the barely-alived harpy (which they promptly finished off).
  • Chapter 4 – A breath of fresh air and the scent of blood: The heroes continued their journey in the great tunnel… and ended up at the East Gate. They met a battered group of dragonborn, besieged by a tribe of goblins. The heroes’ first scouting mission almost ended in disaster as they encountered one of the goblin’s shook unit (brute, skirmishers, archers, pair of wolves and some fodders).
  • Chapter 5 – Battle plans: Next Week! The battered heroes must slink back to the east gate and ponder their next move carefully. Can a dozen hope to defeat a hundred? Or should they consider a tactical retreat?




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