Douven Staul

One of the finest Ranger and an enthousiastic explorer, Douven has been a dear mentor to Daril River, Rufus and Saule during their time in Celduilon


Douven has long been a master ranger and trusted captain of [[Celduilon]], the Sunken City of the FeyWild.

Douven was able to canalize Rufus, Saule and Daril’s unbounded energy in something useful, defending the eladrin city from outside threats.

A few weeks ago, Douven’s elder son has requested Saule and Daril’s help. His father has been missing for months and his wife is gravely ill. Not much is known of his whereabouts, except he set out to find the tomb of a legendary dragonborn wizard. Their only clues is that Douven planned on visiting the sage Ritualiss in [[Monstairs]].

Douven Staul

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