Queen of the Marsh

The self-styled Queen of the Marsh, used her charm powers to take over a tribe and guard over the entrance of the Cave of Songs


The “Queen” used her songs and charms, enhanced by the Mana Crystals she discovered in the Cave of Songs, to take over most of the tribe living in the Marsh.

She dreamed of leading them into prosperity and had them move to the Cave of Songs, which she viewed as an improvement for them.

This lasted about two months, before the group of Heroes, on their way to Winterhaven, met with her. She tried to convinced them to bring her back the tribe’s shaman, but they were not fooled.

When the heroes found the shaman, they heard his side of the story and joined his side. They took his “head” back to the Queen (in truth, a bloodied log in an old bag) and defeated her in a grand combat.

However, she managed to flee when most of her defenders were knocked out. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Queen of the Marsh

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